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Classical Ballet Cecchetti Syllabus

Leonie’s Academy of Dance is proud to offer the Cecchetti Ballet

Syllabus and provide the opportunity of examinations from Grade 1 to Advanced 2.

Adult Ballet Classes

Our Adult ballet classes focus on fitness and technique. This class is perfect for ex-dancers that are wanting to return to dancing, or those who have always wanted to try ballet!

Fairy Dancing Program

Our Fairy Dancing Program is perfect for all those little fairies and buzzing bees who would love to dance! For ages 2 to 4 years old, this creative class combines ballet, jazz, music and rhythm with the foundation and fundamental elements of dance technique. The class is designed to inspire a love of dance at an early age.

Competition, Examination and Non-Competition Classes

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AATBD INC Tap Syllabus

We are very proud to offer our students the opportunity to participate in AATBD INC Tap Examinations. This syllabus builds on students Tap Technique and provides students the opportunity to progress to their Tap Diploma.

Southern Federation of Dance Jazz Syllabus

We are very proud to offer the Southern Federation of Dance Jazz Syllabus. This syllabus builds on students' jazz technique and provides students with the opportunity to participate in examinations from Level 1 up to their Teaching Certificate.

Heels Class

Dancing in heels takes skill and technique. This class builds confidence while challenging the dancer by building students' core strength and balance. It is a skill that will broaden the dancer’s ability when participating in Musical Theatre workshops and auditioning for Commercial, Broadway and Stage shows.

Contemporary and Lyrical

Contemporary dance, an abstract performance art form, seamlessly integrates elements of ballet and jazz movements. It prioritizes fluidity, emphasizing flexibility and graceful transitions to forge a distinctive style. Through its emphasis on organic movement and emotional expression, contemporary dance captivates audiences with its dynamic storytelling and evocative choreography, pushing the boundaries of traditional dance genres.