"Teaching dance is about creating an environment where students feel safe to explore, take risks, and grow."

Meet our team

Leonie Ferguson: Principal and Owner

At the young age of 21, Miss Leonie established Leonie’s Academy of Dance in 2020, embarking on a lifelong journey dedicated to her school and students. With over 20 years of dance experience and 7 years of teaching, she has always felt destined to be a dance educator. Excelling in all her Cecchetti examinations from Grade 2 to Advanced 2 with honors, Miss Leonie holds a teaching certificate with the Southern Federation of Dance, as well as WWC and First Aid certifications. Her passion lies in imparting her knowledge to the next generation of dancers, teaching them technique, performance skills, and instilling a deep love for dance. With a vision to provide her students with endless opportunities for advancement in their dance careers, Miss Leonie is committed to nurturing their growth and development.

Carlie Sutton

Meet Miss Carlie, our esteemed instructor known for her excellence in Classical Ballet, Pointe, and Adult Ballet. With extensive experience and a deep commitment to teaching, Carlie infuses every class with grace, precision, and motivation. Whether you're an aspiring ballerina or returning to dance after a break, Carlie's expert guidance will refine your technique and nurture your passion for ballet.

Julie Ackland

Meet Miss Julie, our dynamic instructor specializing in Tap, Jazz, and Theatrical Competition Classes. With profound technical expertise in theatrical styles and many years of experience, Julie extends students' technique and is passionate about advancing their skills from a young age. Whether you're perfecting intricate tap combinations or tapping your way through rhythmic sequences, Julie's passion for dance shines through.

Heidi Shelton

Meet Miss Heidi, our versatile instructor with a passion for Tap, Jazz, Theatrical, and Classical Competition Classes. With great passion and a flair for choreography, Heidi brings out the best in her students, fostering their growth as dancers and performers. Heidi's classes give students a great love of performance, ensuring they are not only stage-ready but also poised to shine in any spotlight.

Our Studio

Perfectly positioned in Kennington, Bendigo Victoria, with a large capacity for car parking. We have 2 studios that are equipped with mirrors, flooring and a kitchen facility for our parents and students to relax in before class.